5 Tips for Running a Successful Webinar

5 Tips for Running a Successful Webinar

Running an engaging and successful webinar requires an end-to-end approach. From the initial idea and topic development to the post-event follow-up checklist – your webinar needs to be better than your competitors.


So, if you’re wondering how to plan, set up, and execute a successful webinar that will impress your audience, check out these five tips.

5 Successful Webinar Tips You Need to Know

  • Planning is Key

Running a highly engaging online event, whether a panel discussion or a product demonstration, is not simply about turning your camera on and sharing your PowerPoint presentation on the screen. 


Only meticulous planning can ensure that your audience gains valuable information throughout the entire presentation. Thus, it’s paramount that you consider the following:


  • Topic relevance and value;
  • The objective of your webinar: lead generation, upsell, or cross-sell to the existing customers;
  • Promotional channels and techniques;
  • Technical infrastructure, including a webinar platform that supports a wide range of capabilities;
  • The outline of your entire online presentation.

  • Get the Timing Right

Timing plays a significant role in the perfect execution of your webinar. After you’ve planned your next online event and created the landing page, you’ll need to start pursuing a promotional cycle – ideally, 15 days before. Statistically, the most successful webinars are promoted 15 days in advance, so make sure you jump on your webinar bandwagon in good time.


Equally, the day you send your first marketing email out is also important. Wednesday seems to be the most popular day for individuals to sign up, presumably because they’ve already cleared the majority of their workload and are more receptive to participation. Although, you shouldn’t rule out other days because, ultimately, without experimentation, you won’t know what works for your specific business and audience. 

  • Cap Your Talking Time and Make It Interactive

There is nothing worse than webinar speakers who just talk for a straight hour. During more intimate webinars, some attendees simply come for the interactive part, as they want to voice their problems and see if your product or service can help address them.


Statistics speak for themselves, too.


  1. Only 40% of webinar participants pay attention from the beginning to the end.
  2. Marketers rate the interactivity of their webinars as 3 out of 5, claiming that there is room for improvement.
  3. 81% of individuals believe that the Q & A part is the most engaging part of the webinar.

  • Utilize Webinar Automation Technology

If webinars are not your forté and you don’t feel like you’re succeeding in converting your audience, consider using intelligent AI-powered webinar automation technology, like Narware.


Narware’s native webinar journey technology allows you to boost webinar attendance rates by 20%. Additionally, a sophisticated webinar analytics dashboard with 50 data points equips you with insights to unlock your full potential and multiply your sales.


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  • Don’t Leave Your Leads Hanging After the Event

You’ve put all this energy and time into running your webinar, so it’s critical that you follow up with both cold and hold leads. Drop them an email to thank them for their participation, send a link to the webinar recording and finish your communication with a solid call to action.


Adding webinars to your content marketing toolbelt is a powerful way to engage your audience, present yourself as a thought leader, and explode your sales. Perfecting your content, timing, interactive tactics, and using technology tools can flatten your learning curve, increasing your ability to produce effective webinars from the get-go.