The Advantages of Using ZOOM with Salesforce

The Advantages of Using ZOOM with Salesforce

While Zoom is a well-known video conferencing tool, Salesforce is the CRM platform of choice for many businesses. And the truth is, your webinars will soar to new heights if you combine the two.


There are numerous benefits of connecting your webinar tool with your CRM platform. If you’re looking to find out how specifically Zoom and Salesforce integration can play out for your business, keep reading this article.

The Benefits of Zoom and Salesforce Integration

  • Streamline Your Workflows and Increase Convenience for Users

Building winning sales strategies requires the perfect orchestration of your martech stack. Often, companies rely on multiple software solutions – each creating its unique data points, resulting in data silos and workflow inefficiencies.


By connecting Salesforce with Zoom, you can enhance your workflows, eliminate frustration and guesswork, improve sales productivity, and deliver a seamless customer experience. It’s an opportunity to align your sales and marketing teams and remove obstacles that prevent effective data flow.

  • Launch Your Webinars Directly via Salesforce

When lead contact information is readily available in Salesforce, it eliminates the requirement for data to be cut and pasted into Zoom. Salesforce users don’t have to open the Zoom app to arrange or start webinars or product demos. As a result, Zoom and Salesforce integration can save time for your sales and marketing teams while improving the webinar coordination process.

  • Automatically Sync Zoom Webinar Attendee and Participation Data

Are you still not sure if your online presentations are effective? Are you lacking context that will help you target your prospects better? With the Zoom integration, you can obtain the data on contacts who signed up and attended your online seminar and the data collected during the webinar.


Subsequently, you can leverage the information to create highly-targeted marketing campaigns and drive more sales.

  • Ability to Send Webinar Invitation Emails

Is increasing your webinar registrations one of the challenges for your business? Thanks to the Zoom and Salesforce integration, you can now hone your email communication tactics.


The integration lets users send webinar invitations to attendees from the Salesforce contact database to your advantage. In addition, you can send highly-personalized and engaging follow-ups, reminders, and requests for feedback emails, as you have all lead information within the Salesforce CRM. Ultimately, this can help sign-up more attendees between webinars while keeping them informed about future events.

  • Seamless Embedment of Zoom Webinar Link to Comms Emails


Only sending the webinar invitation with a catchy subject line is not enough. You want to make it easy for your target audience to sign up. The Zoom integration with Salesforce allows users to easily embed an internet calendar scheduling link in the invitation email as an attachment.


Unfortunately, many people forget that they signed up to participate in a webinar. Thus, getting your webinar on your prospects’ calendars will significantly improve the participation rates. 

Conclusion: Narware can help you integrate Zoom with the Salesforce

With Narware, you can easily connect Salesforce to Zoom with just a few clicks and be on the way to unleashing the full potential of your webinar marketing.


The seamless integration allows information to pass back and forth between your chosen webinar platform and your CRM system while collecting and analyzing each attendee’s data. Once you have the data at your disposal, you can target the right-fit accounts and secure profitable deals.

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