8 Of The Best Tips and Tricks For A Smooth Webinar Broadcast

8 Of The Best Tips and Tricks For A Smooth Webinar Broadcast

A webinar broadcast could be a stressful business for novice adopters of this marketing tool. Getting yourself in front of your audience, even for those who do this regularly, could be daunting.


A webinar broadcast is a one-shot opportunity to win new clients, as it’s a live event that you cannot edit or change. Nevertheless, if you prepare and practice enough, there is no doubt that you will nail it.


Here are your eight best tips and tricks on how to broadcast a webinar smoothly and impress your audience.

  • Choose the Right Platform

There is nothing worse than an unsuitable webinar platform to host your live broadcast. At the end of the day, your audience will judge your brand by the quality of their engagements with your business.


You want to ensure that your webinar tool supports the goals of your event and provides superb audio and video quality. Additionally, your webinar software should be able to stream the event live and allow viewers to watch it at their convenience.

  • Create Your Webinar

It’s time to let your creative juices flow and create that perfect webinar. Follow our step-by-step webinar outline so you know how to structure your next webinar broadcast.

  • Add Your Branding

Adding branding elements, such as design as per your brand’s color scheme, the webinar icon, and the background image, will set you apart from the competitors while building brand awareness in your audience’s minds.

  • Set up Interactive Features

Including interactive elements to your live webinar ensures high audience engagement. Interactive polls, tests, O&A, games, or trivia – you name it. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it. Firstly, you must build strong content and provide valuable material to your prospects, and only then build interactive features around it.

  • Invite Guest Speakers

Did you know that 32% of webinar attendees feel the most engaged when the webinar speakers are energetic and passionate about their subject? Yes, that’s right. Nailing the visuals and the content is critical; however, having authoritative guest speakers is what breaks or makes your webinar broadcast. 

  • Ensure You Have A Webinar Moderator

A webinar moderator – an individual responsible for mediating the presentation – is a must for the smooth running of your webinar broadcast. The primary job of a moderator in a webinar session is to coordinate questions and discussions while monitoring that no competitor enters the broadcast.

  • Utilize Webinar Automation Tools

Webinar automation tools, such as Narware, can help you get the most out of your webinar broadcast. Narware is your sidekick when it comes to maximum webinar attendance and registration conversions. The tool’s unique AI feature detects the sweet spot when a reminder email should go out to your registrants, increasing your capacity to capture all the leads.


What about all the interactions that go on during your live broadcasts? Narware captures them all, equipping you with the power to analyze the information within an easy-to-read dashboard.


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  • Test Your Webinar Broadcast

You can’t expect to succeed if you don’t rehearse. As a result, it’s critical to test your webinar beforehand. Test the following attributes so you’re confident that everything is in working order for your live event:

  • Microphones;
  • Camera;
  • Screen sharing functionality;
  • Interactive features;
  • Chat function with test viewers.

The Wrap Up

Live webinar broadcasts can easily go wrong, as it’s a one-take opportunity with no chance of correcting mistakes and technical issues that can derail your entire live presentation.


We hope that these eight tips and tricks will assist you in putting on a flawless live broadcast and delighting your viewers.