CRM Integrations

Know Who's Who & Close More Deals: Integrate Narware with Your CRM for Powerful Webinar Insights

Narware Integrates with Your Favorite CRM Tools:

Bring your Webinar Data into your CRM & Gain Actionable Insights

Effortless CRM Integration

Narware seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, eliminating webinar data from being on an island.

Identify Qualified Leads

Automatically capture registrations & track attendee behavior, allowing you to identify the most engaged and sales-ready leads directly in your CRM.

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights into who registered, who attended, and their level of engagement. This data helps you prioritize follow-up and identify your best sales opportunities.

Direct Purchase Tracking

Track purchases made directly through your webinar platform and gain a complete customer journey view within your CRM.

Boost Efficiency & Drive Growth

Effortless Data Flow

Eliminate manual data entry and ensure seamless synchronization of webinar leads and engagement data with your CRM.

Targeted Lead Nurturing

Leverage your CRM's automation capabilities to personalize follow-up emails and nurture webinar leads based on their interests and actions.

Streamlined Sales Process

Qualify leads faster, prioritize opportunities, and close more deals with valuable insights from webinar engagement data feeding directly into your CRM.

Actionable Reporting & Analytics

Gain a comprehensive view of your webinar performance and track key metrics within your CRM for data-driven

We Connect to Most Webinars and CRM’s

Ever wanted to see the real life data from your webinar efforts within your CRM? With Narware you can. We take the leg work out of manually inputing webinar attendee and performance data into your CRM, with Narware it’s as easy as just one click. We integrate with the most popular CRM platforms. For a full list click below:

Don't see your CRM... Don't Worry we probably already have it connected.


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