Go Beyond Basic
Data: Personalize Your Webinar Marketing with
Powerful Segmentation

Automated Tagging

Custom Audiences

Targeted Communication

Increased Engagement

Uncover Valuable Insights and Drive Higher Engagement

Automatic Attendee Tagging

Narware automatically tags attendees based on their webinar activity – registered, missed, attended, purchased, etc. – eliminating manual data entry and providing valuable insights.

Audience Creation

Don't be limited by presets. Creat highly specific audience segments based on any criteria, including first-time attendees, repeat attendees, engagement duration, or any other relevant data point, directly within your CRM.

Targeted Post-Webinar Marketing

Deliver personalized communication that resonates. With segmented audiences, you can send tailored emails, SMS messages, or nurture campaigns that address specific needs and interests, leading to higher engagement and increased conversion rates.

Segment Smarter,
Market Better