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Harness the Power of Data to Transform Your Webinars

Webinar Buyer Detection

Don’t miss out on hot leads. Narware tracks and analyzes over 100 data points per attendee, including total webinars attended, engagement duration, join/leave times, device usage, comments, and more. This rich data allows you to:

Segment Attendees by Buying Potential

Identify attendees exhibiting buying intent based on their engagement patterns, enabling you to prioritize your follow up efforts.

Predict High-Value Opportunities

Foresee which attendees are most likely to convert, allowing you to focus your sales resources on the most promising leads.

Advanced Attendee Dashboard

Gain clear visual insights. Get a comprehensive post-webinar report that shows attendee join/leave times throughout the presentation. Analyze this data to:

Identify Content Engagement

See when attendees drop off during the webinar, pinpointing areas for improvement in your presentation to maximize engagement and conversions.

Evaluate Marketing Effectiveness

Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by analyzing webinar registrations and attendance rates.

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