How to Connect Your Webinar to Your CRM

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How to Connect Your Webinar to Your CRM


To elevate your webinar game, you must consider connecting your webinar software to your CRM. Linking the two is a great way to extend your webinar marketing efforts, track your leads, and maximize the ROI of your virtual events. 


There is a good chance that you’re already using some sort of CRM tool within your business, whether it’s Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Zendesk, or any other popular software. So, the next logical step is to integrate it with your chosen webinar software program, so you can fully capitalize on the power to track webinar metrics for complete impact on leads’ engagement.


Want to learn more about the importance of webinar integration and how can you connect your webinar software to your CRM? Continue reading this article!

The Importance of Webinar Integration with CRM

Access to Webinar Information

CRM is like the bones of your business, as it contains critical information about your business and your clients. CRM and webinar integration allows access to data about your attendees, such as questions they’ve asked and responses to polls and surveys, all from within your sales program. This, in turn, provides valuable insights helping your business nurture the leads more effectively.

Synchronization of Data for Behavior-Based Segmentation

According to 49% of marketers, webinars are an excellent method to reach target accounts, but we need access to users’ data to make this possible.


Connecting the two systems enables the synchronization of information. So when it comes to tracking attendees’ webinar-based behavior, with the integration of your webinar and CRM software, you can track and target your leads through behavior-based segmentation.

Webinar Optimization

Integrating your CRM with your Webinar software allows your business to track the essential metrics and see what works and what doesn’t. You can work on your tactics to extend your webinar ROI and properly target your audience based on the webinar performance.

How to Integrate Your Webinar Software to Your CRM Platform

Ultimately, you want to derive analytical value from integrating your webinar tool with your CRM platform; otherwise, you will quickly find loads of manual work and endless importing and exporting attendee lists and similar types of files.


At Narware, we can take this pain away from you and integrate your CRM platform with almost any popular webinar platform. With only minimal input from your side, we can get you up and running so you can leverage your webinars to unleash your sales potential.


How do we do it? The process is straightforward.

  1. With just a few steps on your part, we look at your requirements and the current MarTech stack that you are using to advise you on the most effective integration route.
  2. We implement the Narware solution that seamlessly integrates your webinar software and your CRM platform to ensure the real-time flow of user information.
  3. We provide you with our native easy-to-read analytics dashboard so you can track over 50 advanced data points on every seminar attendee – these are the insights you want to have when scaling your business.
  4. As you get to know your audience and all critical data at a glance, you can begin to measure the performance and optimize your webinars.
  5. Our dedicated support team is on hand to ensure a hiccup-free experience when using the Narware solution to ensure maximum webinar impact. 

Concluding Remarks

CRM and webinar integration is perhaps the most critical integration you can implement because it allows you to track your webinar-related data.


We support an extensive range of CRM and Webinar platforms, so let us help you nurture your leads and existing customers in real-time and for maximum results.


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